Kickstarter Update #6 | New Art, Print & Play, and More!

Greetings and Well Met, Dungeon Delvers!

It has been a bit over a month since our Kickstarter wrapped up successfully, and we are very excited with our progress towards finishing the game and shipping it out to you. We’d like to touch on a few key things to keep you Adventurers in the know (and also show you some cool new art for Dungeon Doors!).

The Art: One of the most exciting parts of our game’s development is seeing the new art Kyle (@kyledubb on Instagram) sends. Dungeon Doors comes alive more and more with each newly finished piece of art. Here are just a few of our favorites so far.

Update 6 image

The Print & Play Edition: We are working diligently to finish the Print & Play edition, but don’t know which task is harder: getting Mike to stop playing World of Warcraft: Classic for 5 minutes to work on the cards, or getting everything to print nicely on single sheets of paper. Both have proved to be quite the feats! We will keep you updated if anything changes, as of right now it looks like we will have to push this release back just a little bit. We want to make sure these print well for you all and also look good! This edition of the game will be made available for people that purchased just the Print & Play Edition of the game (of course), and all higher tiers of our campaign.

The Survey: We are not yet ready to send out the Kickstarter survey, but rest assured it is coming. We can’t wait to send them out, though, and gather the information needed to get your game to you.

Thank you all again for your support, and we will strive to get these updates out to you all on a more frequent basis.


~ The Dynamic Gorilla Team