Update #3 | Big Bad Evil Guys are coming to the Dungeon!

The Croaker Pirate (stretch goal #2) is unlocked! All of you backers are incredible and we are thrilled to add this hero card to all of your decks.

That brings us to stretch goal #3, and it’s a biggie; so big it doesn’t unlock until $20k. It’s the BBEG pack! In case you’re not familiar with random RPG nerd acronyms, that means Big Bad Evil Guy. In this case BBEG refers to the Door Master, whose role is to destroy the hero party and maintain the dungeon as a death-filled, booby-trap-riddle tomb.

We thought, “Let’s infuse that Door Master role with a little more life. Why should the heroes be the only ones with cool cards and sweet art and helpful stats?”

Big Bad Evil GuysAnd so we introduce a brand-new, 5-card set of villain cards for the Door Master to choose from at the start of each round. Each card will contain unique powers, abilities, stats, and personas to thwart the parties’ escape. And, if they are either brave or really unlucky, the party may get a shot to take down this baddie head-on.

When we first started this kickstarter, we knew our game was something special and fun, but that it could also be so much more. Thanks to all of you, it gets to become something more with this new stretch goal and more further down the line. We appreciate all who have supported us so far, and who will in the future.

We have a few more updates coming shortly so stay tuned!


The Dynamic Gorilla Team