Update #17 | Boat ride over, games are here, mailing is imminent!!

Greetings and Well Met Dungeon Delvers,

There I was, teaching an afternoon high school gothic literature class when my text and Discord notifications started going haywire. It was unusual and distracting enough that I paused the online class to check it out, and saw … Boxes and boxes and boxes filled with actual complete beautiful ready-to-mail copies of Dungeon Doors!!

Wooo!! All the fist pumps and cheering and texting and Discord-in and …

Oh, then I remembered I was still teaching class. “Umm, yeah, so Dracula and … teeth, and stuff.” No, it wasn’t happening. I was excited to distraction, told the whole class what just happened, and sent them home early. Then I went to Mike’s house, grabbed a copy of Dungeon Doors, and played the best round I’ve ever played with my kids.

Hopefully the moral of this story for you is clear: more than 3 years since conception and after the longest boat ride known to man, Dungeon Doors is finally here. Your game is being sorted, inventoried, packaged, and prepped to be sent to your home, and man you won’t be disappointed!

The game is beautiful! The art more astounding than ever when see all together like this for the first time, the words witty, clever and thoroughly engaging (if I do say so myself), the card design flawless. Basically, we are super proud of this game, and beyond excited to finally be able to begin the process of sending it to you.

There is one small hiccup: The metal dice for the Dungeoneer edition and the Kickstarter exclusive game tokens were lost in transit. We will be mailing them to those who get them separately as soon as the new ones get in. But your games are all being packaged and sent on their way at our big Sunday packing party, and the Dungeoneer edition does come with a set of plastic green dice, so you can still play until the pretty metal ones arrive (and of course, you can use our free Dungeon Doors app now on the Apple and Android App Store, or head to DungeonSheet.com).

Goodbye for now, until our local post office gets overwhelmed with our mailing spree.


The Dynamic Gorilla Team