Update #16 | On an Boat!

Avast ye land lovers and Dungeon Delvers,

This update is short and sweet, yet carries one giant piece of news: Dungeon Doors is on a boat!! Yes, the game is out of the printing dungeon, and breathing the fresh, salty air of the sea (sounds like a great Dungeon Doors sequel … The Ocean Edition)!!

That’s right, the game is printed, packaged, and slowing chugging its way across the ocean (emphasis on ‘slowly’).

Here’s hoping our next update is accompanied by pictures of packages on Mike’s doorstep, and news of the imminent packing and shipping party we’ve been anxiously anticipating; putting games in the mail for you, our incredibly-patient, wonderfully-generous, dungeon-loving backers.

Until next time.


The Dynamic Gorilla Team

Due to high volume, please allow up to 2-3 days for processing.