Update “#14” | The Game is Real!

Greetings and Well Met Dungeon Delvers:

We got our game proofs!!

Just had to blurt that right out. It’s too exciting to bury under a flowery introduction. In fact, I feel like shouting it again:

WE GOT OUR GAME PROOFS! (Cheers, clapping, applause, Mike sobbing silently in the corner from relief and visions of regular life returning … at least until we start expansion pack discussions).

The long-awaited box had seen better days, having traveled across the world, but everything inside was safe and sound and beautiful! The game box was perfect, the dice amazing, the cards beautiful, the player mats perfect, and all of our hard work was finally on physical display in front of us (well, ‘physically’ in front of some of us. Stupid social distancing prevented the in-person party this deserved).

So, after a final online meeting looking through the finished game proof (we only had a minor tweak to the back of a card, and that was about it), we gave the go ahead to the printer!

Today, they informed us that the final product should be stacked high at Mike’s doorstep in 30 – 40 days!

Thank you again to everyone for all your patience through this process. We are almost there! You will be receiving a survey soon so we can be sure to get proper shipping info, etc. If you have any questions leave them here on our Kickstarter, or feel free to join our Discord sever (https://discord.gg/AT6QJPU) and grill us there!

Until next time, we will sleep with visions printers printing, dice clacking, shrink wrap … shrinking, and the much-anticipated packing and shipping party at Mike’s house when your addresses will finally be attached to packages of Dungeon Doors.


The Dynamic Gorilla team

Due to high volume, please allow up to 2-3 days for processing.