Welcome to the Mart of Holding!

Welcome, Shopkeepers!

This is the largest bazar this side of ! Here at The Mart of Holding you can create, and customize any online magic, or non-magical shop you need, then share that shop with your players!

It’s quite simple to use, first you need to create an account. Then load up a premade shop, or start building your own! You’ll be given a custom link to your shop that you can either password protect, or leave open for anyone to see.

This is all abosoultly free to use, no catch, no BS. We’re here to give back to the Dungeons & Dragons community, and help make this scene even better.

We’ll be updating and evolving The Mart of Holding as time goes by, if you have any feedback, complaints, or cease and decist, head on over to our Contact Page and let us know!

The DyGo Team

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