‘Imagination Edition’ leaves imaginative realm and enters your home

Greetings and Well Met Dungeon Delvers,

The ‘Imagination Edition’ may sound whimsical and amazing, and it is, but man it took a lot of grueling, brain-breaking, curse-inducing late nights to finish. We made Tony stay up way past his bedtime on numerous occasions, leading to past-midnight incoherent writing that made very little sense when revisited the following morning (Tony’s bedtime is 9. He’s like a child but with a larger vocabulary).

Mike was barely holding onto reality as the design for this became his life, while Glen and Harrison found neverending ways to continually tweak and improve game flow and mechanics.

But the aforementioned difficulties are not being presented to you as excuses. Rather, they are an elaborate build-up to this announcement:


Whoooo! Yeah! Applause and handshaking all around, with a spattering of back-slapping and clinking glasses thrown in.

We still have hurdles to… hurdle, before the Adventurer and Dungeoneer editions arrive on your doorsteps (we’re not blaming current international issues but they certainly don’t help). On that day there will be fireworks and roasted pigs with apples in their mouths. To address that, Mike has created a very beautiful timeline graphic for your informative enjoyment. 

Keep in mind that the game plan below is based on the current information we have at our disposal.

But today is about imagination becoming reality as we put a complete, fully functional edition of the game in your hands, and we are just absolutely thrilled about it. As we mentioned in Update #4, those of you who purchased either the Print & Play tier or higher will receive the Imagination Edition (aka Print & Play) of the game. You will be receiving a code and link to your email, allowing you to download your copy of the Imagination Edition from our website.

PLEASE NOTE: We will send your code to the email tied to your Kickstarter account. If you don’t see it, check your spam. If it’s not there, try your neighbor. Still can’t find it? Contact us at support@dynamicgorilla.com or on our Discord channel.

For anyone that would like to purchase the Imagination Edition that did not get a chance to back us during the Kickstarter, head to dynamicgorilla.com/shop.

When you go to download your copy, you will have the option of a full-color version or black and white. Printing the full-color edition in grayscale can lead to less favorable results. If you do want to print grayscale, then we have the black and white edition you can use.

WHAT ABOUT DICE YOU SAY!? Well, head to dungeonsheet.com and you can use that as your digital scratch paper and dice roller! Specifically made for Dungeon Doors, at no additional cost to you. Just Harrison’s sanity.

So choose a sturdy cardstock, break out the scissors, buy some card sleeves, head to a game store for some dice or open up dungeonsheet.com where you can roll our fancy digital dice, and have yourselves an actual Dungeon Doors adventure!


The Dynamic Gorilla Team

Due to high volume, please allow up to 2-3 days for processing.