UPDATE: We will be adding this PDF to the shop soon…

The next best thing to handing your players small glass vials for inventory management. Today I have a set of cards that will hopefully help ease your player’s healing potion inventory. Or if you’re a player yourself, I hope these help you manage your own inventory!

A little bit about these cards:

  • When cut their size is 3.5″h x 2.25″w (slightly wider than business cards)
  • I would suggest printing them on some thicker card stock, it will help them last longer.
  • Do not stretch the PDF to fill the page when printing, I sized these so they should have no issue printing at 100% size on any printer. If you do happen to run into issues let us know!
  • These are free to use and share, if you do end up sharing them, we would appreciate a holla back!