Dungeon Doors

The 1 vs. 2-5 Dungeon Crawling Card Game

Designed by: The Dynamic Gorilla Team

Card Artwork by: Kyle Ward

Greetings and Well Met, Dungeon Delvers!

Dungeon Doors is an ever-changing 1 vs. 2-5 dungeon-crawling, role-playing adventure. Where a band of heroes battles through all the monsters, obstacles, and traps the master of doors can throw at them in the grand adventure of escaping the dungeon.

Core Game

20-40 mins

Game Length

5 mins


3 - 6


Age 14+

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Construct a Devious Dungeon!

With over 100 unique cards, build a dungeon-delving adventure like no other! Create a party of fun, unique heroes to fight through the dungeon, or take on the mantle of Door Master and construct the most dastardly dungeon you can to stop those heroes from escaping!

Game rounds take 20-40 minutes, making it easy for everyone to get a turn (because owning this game will attract large crowds), and with each new round comes a new variation on the dungeon, new door masters, new heroes to embody, and new adventures to forge.

Choose Wisely and Start to Build!

Each game, one player dons the Door Master mantle, deciding what the hapless heroes will face in the dungeon. Choose wisely, and put all the mayhem you can muster in their paths. Build your dungeon 3 cards at a time, using a mixture of 4 different types of cards: Creatures, Obstacles, Treasure Rooms, and Exits.


10 Unique
Creature Cards


10 Unique
Obstacle Cards


10 Unique Treasure
Room Cards


10 Unique
Exit Cards

Form Your Party and Escape!

With 14 heroes to choose from — all with their own traits and abilities — form your party of 2-5 and try to escape the Door Master’s dungeon!





Equip your hero with powerful treasure!

When traversing the dungeon you’ll uncover many of the 30 included treasure cards, all with their own unique effects and abilities!




Dungeon Sheet

The Official Dungeon Doors Companion App!

Bid farewell to the scrolls and quills of old, and embrace the magical convenience of our ‘Dungeon Doors’ companion app. This is your trusted scribe, meticulously tracking health, heroic points, and summoning the digital dice with a mere tap. It’s an essential artifact for every dungeon explorer, ensuring your adventure flows as smoothly as the finest mead. To conjure this app onto your device, noble adventurers should journey to DungeonSheet.com, available in both the mystical realms of iOS and Android.

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Kyle Self Portrait

Game & Tattoo Artist

Kyle is from Chicago, but now calls Phoenix home. As long as he has paper to draw on, a bad, low-budget horror movie, his cats and his beautiful lady Ashley, he is a happy man.

Kyle is a tattoo artist, and has been in tattoo shops since he was 12, when he would do his vocabulary homework in his older brother’s tattoo shop and watch him work. Kyle has been tattooing on his own since 2008, and everyday he is stoked to go to work.

Check out his other work!

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