Kickstarter Update #7 | When Good Isn’t Good Enough

Hello patient Dungeon Delvers, waiting in calm anticipation for the next update from your Dungeon Doors friends.

It’s here.

The Print & Play Edition: Completion has been slightly delayed, but it’s not our fault … It’s Mike’s. While working on the cards something just didn’t feel right. He kept saying the design was too basic (in his defense, they hadn’t been changed since the beta testing days). So Mike, in true fashion, overhauled the cards to a much more fun design that creates a much better feel than just a plain generic card.

All The Words: While finalizing some art and even while going through the Print & Play edition, our resident Word Wizard Tony had a Mike moment with the descriptive text on the cards. The card text, like the Print & Play cards, hadn’t changed significantly since the beta days, and didn’t match up perfectly with the completed art. And Tony’s soul died a little. So, he has been going through each card, looking at the art, and looking in his heart, to find better flavor text to bring these little cards to a new level.

The Art: And of course we have some great new pieces of art for you from our artist Kyle (@kyledubb on Instagram). Seeing the art come alive more and more each time is like a baby being born (without all the gross stuff); like a phoenix from already really awesome ashes; like getting a delicious beverage to wash down a tasty burger, like … other cool figures of speech meant to describe the joy we feel at seeing Dungeon Doors take on its true form!

The “Bad” News: With a lot of our updates, changes, the holidays, and not wanting to rush our artist to the point of his fingers bleeding (we have over 100 pieces of art for this game, all done by one guy deep in the heatsink of Phoenix that has to put up with Mike’s picky nature). We may be pushing our release date out a little bit, but we want to give you guys a fantastic finished product, something that represents the type of quality that you deserve from us.

We will post an update here soon with the updated release date, stay tuned to Kickstarter,,, or

The Dynamic Gorilla Team