Print & Play This Month!

Greetings and Well Met Dungeon Delvers!

It’s been a bit of a wait for this update, and we apologize for that, but we come with good news: the Print & Play edition of the game will be out this month! To explain the intricacies of the Print & Play Edition of the game and why it has taken this long, I’m turning the keyboard over to Mike. This edition is his baby.

Cool! Thx Toniey. Teh prinnt n play edtion of the game was sumthing I toyy’d around w/ 4 awhile.. When I started begingin makeing them, I just had the in-

Never mind. I forgot that they brought in this writer for reason. I’ll just type what Mike wants to say in a somewhat more grammatically correct, comprehensible way.

Here’s Mike:

The Print & Play edition of the game had been a project in the back of my mind for a while. When we started the Kickstarter we didn’t really have plans to release a Print & Play at all. After the overwhelming response we got from backers, and the good amount of people that were interested solely in the Print & Play version we decided to go ahead and make that edition of the game available, and also available to every other tier that backed us.

New Imagination Edition
Old/Beta Design

My initial thoughts for the Print & Play, that I have now come to call the Imagination Edition, was to simply release the cards that I had designed as our beta deck.

As you can see in the samples here in the post, these cards were meant to hold artwork later in the final product, so the text was on a large black box as a placeholder. The cards also had repetitive info on them, and did not utilize the space very well. These cards worked for testing the game, and giving me a general idea of where I wanted to take these designs, but after our testing and demo’s, and the community’s feedback and suggestions, I knew they needed to be more. They needed more info, yet I needed to to design the cards so they wouldn’t overwhelm you with information (though this is an RPG, so ya’ gotta read anyways!).

So when it came time to get the Imagination Editon out to everyone I took a long look at the current state of the cards, and knew I could do better, and the community deserved better. Instead of releasing a quick, dirty version of the game, I tore it all down and rebuilt all the cards from scratch. That decision cost a lot of time, and my timing on that could have been better, since the holidays were upon us all. That made it hard to get time away to work on these lil’ guys and give them the attention they deserved. Just because they are for home printing doesn’t mean they need to lack in quality!

So as I type this the PDF with all these little suckers is going through the Dynamic Gorilla team to be reviewed, and getting some final tweaks done. Soon after it makes it through our little QA department that consists of our wives, girlfriends, secret boyfriends, lambs and sloths, the occasional carp and small groups of anchovies, there will finally be a product the meets our standards and gives you the full game-play experience.

In short, the Imagination Edition is coming to you all! You’re on the cusp of starting your Dungeon Doors adventures with your friends and/or enemies! Stay tuned for another update when we launch the Imagination Edition. Harrison is hard at work making sure our codes for downloads work, and everything goes as smoothly as possible for everyone to download these beauties from!

Love Always,

The Dynamic Gorilla Team