Kickstarter Update #2 | Gublins, and Home Brew!

First off, this weekend (August 9-11) we are at the Game On Expo in Phoenix, AZ, demoing the game as well as offering a full-game experience. If you’re around, stop by. We’d love to see you there. Dungeon Doors is sitting at just over $9,000, and we want to shout out a Big Thank You to the Kickstarter community for getting us there.

We have also just debuted the latest masterpiece from or artist, the first rendering of the Gublin Mechanic, the hero who was unlocked earlier this week. Very soon we’ll have the updated displaying the next stretch-goal hero, the Croaker Pirate, which unlocks as soon as we reach $10,000.

We’ve been getting questions regarding rules and custom play and we wanted to give you a little backstory on our rules and how we envision the game being played. When we first started making the game it was heavily packed with rules. Like a really, really long rulebook. For a game that is supposed to be quick and fun, these rules were not working. So we cut that rule book down, eradicating most of those nitpicky rules. Now we give you just the basics that you need, like how to be a party leader or combat rules.

Between the text on each card and our now much thinner rulebook, we felt we have the important stuff covered. We wanted to have freedom for the players to come up with what they wanted to enjoy the game, so we encouraged role-playing and creating customized dungeons that fit their own playing styles. We found people enjoyed it much more this way, where each Door Master would bring their own style and flair to their round, making each round unique and exciting.

When we loosened up all the rules, we started learning all the different ways people were playing the game and we actually wanted more. So we decided to dedicate a page on our website (coming soon) for people to submit the way that they play Dungeon Doors. We want to display the homebrew rules of the community that can be shared and tried out by all. The format of this page isn’t solidified yet, but we wanted to let you know that if you have different ways you’d like to play the game, do it! And please share that with us. We want this to be a big community game, because the community is why we made this game. It’s all for you.

Check back soon for our next update for new stretch goals and other exciting new developments. Thanks again to all who have supported us, believed in us, and shared our project with your friends.


The Dynamic Gorilla Team