Kickstarter Update #1 | The Dungeon is Open for Hero-ing!

Thank you so much for helping us reach our goals so quickly. You took us right past our pledge goal and straight into the first stretch goal on day one! It’s hard to explain how grateful we are to all of you, and how excited we are to know that bringing our game into the world is a reality.

To express our thanks, each one of you will now get the exclusive Gublin Mechanic hero card in your game, a strange creature who always seems to have what the party needs in a tough spot.

Our excitement is definitely growing as we continue to see so many generous backers supporting our game, and now we get to look ahead to even more awesome stretch goals. The next stretch-goal addition to every game backed on Kickstarter is an incredible new hero: The Croaker Pirate. He’s a greedy, slippery pirate, but once he joins a party he’s loyal and a natural leader with his renown as a brilliant tactician.

Now that Dungeon Doors is officially a go, we are beginning to see visions of boxes upon boxes and packages and mailing labels and some pretty intense trips to the post office. Those are days we can’t wait to come! We only wish we could ship everywhere in the world. This is our very first kickstarter, our very first game, and our company is small. We are doing everything we can to figure out the logistics to expand our ability to ship to more countries.

Moving into day 2 and beyond of our Kickstarter, we want to say thanks again to you amazing people for supporting Dungeon Doors. With your help we are ready to push this further; to unlock more great features for you; and to make sure you are as excited as us when this game lands on your doorsteps. Keep following us on social media, sharing us with friends, and we will continue to keep you up-to-date on all the happenings with Dungeon Doors.