Dungeon Doors – The Gauntlet!

Greetings and Well Met Dungeon Delvers!

Today we bring you our first official module for Dungeon Doors called The Gauntlet! A party of 5 Heroes has 1 HOUR to POWER THROUGH this carefully curated, twisted, deadly version of Dungeon Doors. There’s only one way out: straight into the depths!

How to Play!

First, Choose a Door Master

One player will take on the role of Gauntlet Door Master. It will be their responsibility to keep the dungeon moving along. Since this is a timed game you’ll want to get across obstacles, fight creatures and loot treasure as quickly as possible. If the party does want to take their time they can, they can just use a friendly nudge every once in a while.

Next, Assemble the Gauntlet

Grab the Door Master deck (all the cards with the door on the back) and pull out the cards in the following list. Stacking them in the order listed, where the first door you will flip will start with the Mother Load card.

Door 1

Mother Load

Door 2

Spooky Gnat

Door 3

Spike Trap Room

Door 4

Show Me What You Got

Door 5

Red-Eyed Mice

Door 6

The Floor is Lava

Door 7

Cursed Item

Door 8

Creepy Portrait

Door 9

Fool’s Gold

Door 10

Need or Greed

Door 11

The Chimera

Door 12

Axe Pendulums

Door 13

Glittering Prize

Door 14

Many Whelps!

Door 15

Hole in the Ground

Door 16

Wait You Died?

Door 17

A Drowsy Dragon

Door 18


Door 19

Chicken in the Wall

Door 20

Zombie Brothers

Door 21

The Rickety Rope Bridge

Door 22

Giant Wolf Spider

Door 23

A Gassy Dragon

Door 24

Bridge Troll

Next, Choose your Hero!

Everyone but the Door Master now chooses a hero. There must be 5 heroes in play. Don’t have 5 players? Get some more friends, sheesh. Or, some players can play as multiple heroes until the party contains 5. Trust us, this dungeon is deadly for a smaller party.

Now Prepare the Party!

All heroes in the party now get any treasure or companions their Hero may start with, and share your Heroic Traits and Heroic Abilities with each other so you know what you’re working with. After all, you will need to work well together to make it far in this Gauntlet

Time to storm the dungeon!

The Door Master flips over the first card (Mother Load), reads out the card, and the 1-hour timer begins! (stop looking, there’s no handy timer included in the game. Just find one online, look at a clock, or find some bored kid who’s good at counting).

The Heroes work together to punch through the gauntlet 1 room at a time, clearing as many as possible before the hour is up. Once a room has been cleared, the party is automatically moved to the next and may never return.

How to win!

There are 2 ways to win the Gauntlet. One, make it through all 24 doors within an hour and with at least one hero alive. Two, be the group that clears the most doors within 1 hour! However far the first group to play gets (assuming they don’t make it out), that will become the gold standard to beat the next time around. In the event of a tie, the remaining health on the current creature will determine the winner. If the tying room is not a creature room, then the group with the highest remaining collective health will reign supreme.

And there you have it!

Enjoy dyin… we mean happy Dungeon Delving through the gauntlet.