Dungeon Doors Updates | Dynamic Gorilla - Part 2

Kickstarter Update #5 | End of Chapter One

Greetings and Well Met Dungeon Delvers,

Our Kickstarter is over, and Dungeon Doors is an absolute reality thanks to all you hundreds of amazing backers! You helped us reach every stretch goal, supported every tier, and allowed us to bring this game we love so much to your homes. It was a long 30 days, and we enjoyed every moment of it.

We learned a lot from this Kickstarter, a lot of info we will take with us into any future Kickstarter endeavor. One of the main hurdles we faced was shipping, and we will strive to do better next time.

Thank you so much to those who shared this Kickstarter with friends and on your own social media. Thank you for those who commented, questioned, and suggested ways to help us improve the game along the way. We listened to 100% of your feedback and will do our best to make sure everyone is pleased with the game when they have it in their hands.

We are thrilled to throw ourselves into wrapping up Dungeon Doors; anxious and ecstatic to fill our houses with hundreds and hundreds of boxes postmarked to your homes. Until then, we say again, thank you, thank you, thank you.


The Dynamic Gorilla Team

Update #4 | Now Shipping to the EU, Print & Play, and being Immortalized on a Card!

With 9 days to go we want to shout THANK YOU to all of our backers for taking us past $13K, which is over 500% funded. Our excitement grows with each pledge as it increases our ability to bring you more features and extras.

At this point in the Kickstarter, we’ve decided to bring some extra tiers to allow more people the chance to play.

First, shipping to the EU! When we first started this campaign we didn’t know the best way to handle shipping to the EU with the VAT and duty taxes in place. We did not want our supporters to have to pay extra for their copies of Dungeon Doors. We also were not sure of our games reception in Europe, and so ultimately we decided not to send our first version of Dungeon Doors there. Since the beginning of our campaign, we have had many requests from those in the EU to offer Dungeon Doors to them as well. We have now decided that we will provide basic shipping to the EU, however we do not know if backers will have to pay a duty or VAT once the product arrives. We have learned a lot from this Kickstarter, and all of our wonderful backers, next time we will be more prepared to support our fans in the EU.

Second, for a more “economical” option (and WAY LESS shipping costs) we are offering up the Print & Play version of the game. This edition has no artwork, and will be only text and icons on the card. When this version is complete you will be able to print these at home and spend some family time meticulously cutting out over 100 individual cards! How Fun!

For a quick look at these cards check our campaign page. The Print & Play version of the game will also become available to all backers of the Adventurers, Dungeoneer, and Brick & Mortar Editions of the game.

Finally, the BIG tier. Dungeon Doors comes with a few special cards we call Dungeon Doors 101 cards. They are tutorial cards to help you learn the game. Among those cards are 5 basic, townsfolk hero cards: The Peasant, The Blacksmith, The Farmer, The Village Idiot, and The Town Drunk. Many of you have experienced these while demoing our game.

We decided that we didn’t want these to be generic caricatures. We want to allow a select few of you to be a forever part of the game, with your name and likeness an indelible part of the Dungeon Doors tutorial process. Purchase this tier and you can submit a photo of yourself, our artist will draw your likeness onto one of these five hero cards, and we will name that hero after you. This is not just on Kickstarter editions, either. This is a permanent part of the game, and includes the Dungeoneer Edition of the game.


The Dynamic Gorilla Team

Update #3 | Big Bad Evil Guys are coming to the Dungeon!

The Croaker Pirate (stretch goal #2) is unlocked! All of you backers are incredible and we are thrilled to add this hero card to all of your decks.

That brings us to stretch goal #3, and it’s a biggie; so big it doesn’t unlock until $20k. It’s the BBEG pack! In case you’re not familiar with random RPG nerd acronyms, that means Big Bad Evil Guy. In this case BBEG refers to the Door Master, whose role is to destroy the hero party and maintain the dungeon as a death-filled, booby-trap-riddle tomb.

We thought, “Let’s infuse that Door Master role with a little more life. Why should the heroes be the only ones with cool cards and sweet art and helpful stats?”

Big Bad Evil GuysAnd so we introduce a brand-new, 5-card set of villain cards for the Door Master to choose from at the start of each round. Each card will contain unique powers, abilities, stats, and personas to thwart the parties’ escape. And, if they are either brave or really unlucky, the party may get a shot to take down this baddie head-on.

When we first started this kickstarter, we knew our game was something special and fun, but that it could also be so much more. Thanks to all of you, it gets to become something more with this new stretch goal and more further down the line. We appreciate all who have supported us so far, and who will in the future.

We have a few more updates coming shortly so stay tuned!


The Dynamic Gorilla Team

Kickstarter Update #2 | Gublins, and Home Brew!

First off, this weekend (August 9-11) we are at the Game On Expo in Phoenix, AZ, demoing the game as well as offering a full-game experience. If you’re around, stop by. We’d love to see you there. Dungeon Doors is sitting at just over $9,000, and we want to shout out a Big Thank You to the Kickstarter community for getting us there.

We have also just debuted the latest masterpiece from or artist, the first rendering of the Gublin Mechanic, the hero who was unlocked earlier this week. Very soon we’ll have the updated displaying the next stretch-goal hero, the Croaker Pirate, which unlocks as soon as we reach $10,000.

We’ve been getting questions regarding rules and custom play and we wanted to give you a little backstory on our rules and how we envision the game being played. When we first started making the game it was heavily packed with rules. Like a really, really long rulebook. For a game that is supposed to be quick and fun, these rules were not working. So we cut that rule book down, eradicating most of those nitpicky rules. Now we give you just the basics that you need, like how to be a party leader or combat rules.

Between the text on each card and our now much thinner rulebook, we felt we have the important stuff covered. We wanted to have freedom for the players to come up with what they wanted to enjoy the game, so we encouraged role-playing and creating customized dungeons that fit their own playing styles. We found people enjoyed it much more this way, where each Door Master would bring their own style and flair to their round, making each round unique and exciting.

When we loosened up all the rules, we started learning all the different ways people were playing the game and we actually wanted more. So we decided to dedicate a page on our website (coming soon) for people to submit the way that they play Dungeon Doors. We want to display the homebrew rules of the community that can be shared and tried out by all. The format of this page isn’t solidified yet, but we wanted to let you know that if you have different ways you’d like to play the game, do it! And please share that with us. We want this to be a big community game, because the community is why we made this game. It’s all for you.

Check back soon for our next update for new stretch goals and other exciting new developments. Thanks again to all who have supported us, believed in us, and shared our project with your friends.


The Dynamic Gorilla Team

Kickstarter Update #1 | The Dungeon is Open for Hero-ing!

Thank you so much for helping us reach our goals so quickly. You took us right past our pledge goal and straight into the first stretch goal on day one! It’s hard to explain how grateful we are to all of you, and how excited we are to know that bringing our game into the world is a reality.

To express our thanks, each one of you will now get the exclusive Gublin Mechanic hero card in your game, a strange creature who always seems to have what the party needs in a tough spot.

Our excitement is definitely growing as we continue to see so many generous backers supporting our game, and now we get to look ahead to even more awesome stretch goals. The next stretch-goal addition to every game backed on Kickstarter is an incredible new hero: The Croaker Pirate. He’s a greedy, slippery pirate, but once he joins a party he’s loyal and a natural leader with his renown as a brilliant tactician.

Now that Dungeon Doors is officially a go, we are beginning to see visions of boxes upon boxes and packages and mailing labels and some pretty intense trips to the post office. Those are days we can’t wait to come! We only wish we could ship everywhere in the world. This is our very first kickstarter, our very first game, and our company is small. We are doing everything we can to figure out the logistics to expand our ability to ship to more countries.

Moving into day 2 and beyond of our Kickstarter, we want to say thanks again to you amazing people for supporting Dungeon Doors. With your help we are ready to push this further; to unlock more great features for you; and to make sure you are as excited as us when this game lands on your doorsteps. Keep following us on social media, sharing us with friends, and we will continue to keep you up-to-date on all the happenings with Dungeon Doors.