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Update #17 | Boat ride over, games are here, mailing is imminent!!

Greetings and Well Met Dungeon Delvers,

There I was, teaching an afternoon high school gothic literature class when my text and Discord notifications started going haywire. It was unusual and distracting enough that I paused the online class to check it out, and saw … Boxes and boxes and boxes filled with actual complete beautiful ready-to-mail copies of Dungeon Doors!!

Wooo!! All the fist pumps and cheering and texting and Discord-in and …

Oh, then I remembered I was still teaching class. “Umm, yeah, so Dracula and … teeth, and stuff.” No, it wasn’t happening. I was excited to distraction, told the whole class what just happened, and sent them home early. Then I went to Mike’s house, grabbed a copy of Dungeon Doors, and played the best round I’ve ever played with my kids.

Hopefully the moral of this story for you is clear: more than 3 years since conception and after the longest boat ride known to man, Dungeon Doors is finally here. Your game is being sorted, inventoried, packaged, and prepped to be sent to your home, and man you won’t be disappointed!

The game is beautiful! The art more astounding than ever when see all together like this for the first time, the words witty, clever and thoroughly engaging (if I do say so myself), the card design flawless. Basically, we are super proud of this game, and beyond excited to finally be able to begin the process of sending it to you.

There is one small hiccup: The metal dice for the Dungeoneer edition and the Kickstarter exclusive game tokens were lost in transit. We will be mailing them to those who get them separately as soon as the new ones get in. But your games are all being packaged and sent on their way at our big Sunday packing party, and the Dungeoneer edition does come with a set of plastic green dice, so you can still play until the pretty metal ones arrive (and of course, you can use our free Dungeon Doors app now on the Apple and Android App Store, or head to DungeonSheet.com).

Goodbye for now, until our local post office gets overwhelmed with our mailing spree.


The Dynamic Gorilla Team

Update #16 | On an Boat!

Avast ye land lovers and Dungeon Delvers,

This update is short and sweet, yet carries one giant piece of news: Dungeon Doors is on a boat!! Yes, the game is out of the printing dungeon, and breathing the fresh, salty air of the sea (sounds like a great Dungeon Doors sequel … The Ocean Edition)!!

That’s right, the game is printed, packaged, and slowing chugging its way across the ocean (emphasis on ‘slowly’).

Here’s hoping our next update is accompanied by pictures of packages on Mike’s doorstep, and news of the imminent packing and shipping party we’ve been anxiously anticipating; putting games in the mail for you, our incredibly-patient, wonderfully-generous, dungeon-loving backers.

Until next time.


The Dynamic Gorilla Team

Update #15 | Printing Status & App Launch

Greetings and Well Met Dungeon Delvers,

Well, the printer has had our game for a while now, and we got word last week that our shipping date got pushed back. So we are patiently waiting for … actually, no. We aren’t patient. That’s a lie. There is no patience involved in this process. Knowing the complete product is being assembled and that the next step is mailing it to you is a strange combination of overwhelming excitement and mind-blowing infuriation.

As soon as we know more, you will too.

In better news, our app went live on the app store! Those with the print and play can use it right away, but even those waiting for the game can still download it and browse. It is very fun to look through and mess around with. You can check out the amazing art, and click through the random name- and background-generators. Links are below.

Apple Link: http://appstore.com/dynamicgorilla

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dynamicgorilla.dungeondoors

If you have any questions leave them here on our Kickstarter, or feel free to join our Discord sever (https://discord.gg/AT6QJPU) and grill us there!

That’s it until next time, and the many dungeon adventures that await.


The Dynamic Gorilla team

Update “#14” | The Game is Real!

Greetings and Well Met Dungeon Delvers:

We got our game proofs!! 

Just had to blurt that right out. It’s too exciting to bury under a flowery introduction. In fact, I feel like shouting it again:

WE GOT OUR GAME PROOFS! (Cheers, clapping, applause, Mike sobbing silently in the corner from relief and visions of regular life returning … at least until we start expansion pack discussions).

The long-awaited box had seen better days, having traveled across the world, but everything inside was safe and sound and beautiful! The game box was perfect, the dice amazing, the cards beautiful, the player mats perfect, and all of our hard work was finally on physical display in front of us (well, ‘physically’ in front of some of us. Stupid social distancing prevented the in-person party this deserved). 

So, after a final online meeting looking through the finished game proof (we only had a minor tweak to the back of a card, and that was about it), we gave the go ahead to the printer! 

Today, they informed us that the final product should be stacked high at Mike’s doorstep in 30 – 40 days!

Thank you again to everyone for all your patience through this process. We are almost there! You will be receiving a survey soon so we can be sure to get proper shipping info, etc. If you have any questions leave them here on our Kickstarter, or feel free to join our Discord sever (https://discord.gg/AT6QJPU) and grill us there!

Until next time, we will sleep with visions printers printing, dice clacking, shrink wrap … shrinking, and the much-anticipated packing and shipping party at Mike’s house when your addresses will finally be attached to packages of Dungeon Doors.


The Dynamic Gorilla team

Kickstarter Update #12 : Printing Progress and D&D is back on the menu

Greetings and Well Met Dungeon Delvers:

Dungeon Doors is getting the printer treatment, and the process is immensely satisfying and exciting, seeing our beautiful dungeon dream come to life like this. We had a lot of excellent back and forth with the printer since our last update, making sure we get the best product we can. We cleared up and finalized box sizes, dice shapes and colors, and more.

We were able to go through the nooks and crannies of DynamicGorilla.com as well, updating layout and content that has been long neglected. We’ve cleaned up the app, which looks outstanding, adding some more unique and sometimes hard to pronounce yet very entertaining names to the name generator. We are still open to testers if any of you want to beta test it for us, and maybe add a name or two of your own to the hero name generator.

Perhaps the most exciting thing for us, though, was that after finally getting it off to the printer, we took a night off to play a quick one-off D&D campaign again (online, of course). You know, just an easy 1-hour campaign Harrison put together for us to have some fun, play some wicked new characters, show some bad guys who’s boss, and goof around a bit. We are veterans of some pretty epic, years-long campaigns, afterall, so this should be a breeze.

After a much, much longer-than-necessary alley fight which turned out to be a simple introduction to see if we could even hack the mission, we realized that our once legendary campaigning skills were a bit rusty and we may not have the fluid party skills of years ago.

5 hours later (2 a.m.), barely halfway through the mission and in the middle of a thoroughly botched attempt to deal with a cloud giant, we decided to call it a night. Updates on whether Mike and Glen’s over-the-top deception and Tony’s failed reasoning skills get them killed will be forthcoming.

And that’s a wrap for this Dungeon update. Here’s looking forward to news of print proofs and firm timelines to get these games mailed out.

Don’t forget you can harass us with any questions about the game on our Discord server https://discord.gg/2jrxvg2.

Until then, stay masked, stay distanced, stay safe

Love the DG Team

Kickstarter Update #11 | Off to the printer!

Greetings Dungeon Delvers,

After trials and tribulations, we are back on track. The game is going to the printers! (Cheers, clapping, more applause, Mike sobbing silently in the corner from relief and visions of regular life returning … at least until we start expansion pack discussions).

We can’t yet say exactly how long it will take to get the proofs back, check those out, get the final games printed and shipped to us, then mailed off to you. So while we aren’t giving you a firm timeline for when you’ll receive your game, we are saying it’s out of our hands now. It’s all up to how efficiently printers are able to complete orders in these chaotic days, but we will certainly keep you updated, and in the meantime, here are some final card mockups for your viewing pleasure.

As if that wasn’t enough, we have more! We are very excited that our Dungeon Doors companion app is ready to be beta tested … hopefully by some of you! We love the smooth, interactive experience provided by the app, where you can keep track of heroic stats, get unique names and backstories, as well as roll the digital dice. So if any of you are willing to beta test it, please let us know. You can even offer heroic name suggestions for our random name generator! Use the contact page with the model of phone you have, and we’ll get back to you.

On a closing sidenote, we really miss not seeing you and other gamers at comic cons, game expos, and the like. We were looking into the rest of this year and seeing how unlikely it is that any will open, and it made us sad. Know that along with getting our game to you, we are also very much looking forward to the reopening of those wonderful dens of nerdom and being able to interact face-to-face with you (well, except Tony. He’s not very good with people and we prefer that he stick to non-verbal communication). Until then, we are finally in a position to start engaging more with the community via online communities such as Twitch. Updates on that to follow.

And that’s all! Until next time, be safe and play lots of games,

DG Team

‘Imagination Edition’ leaves imaginative realm and enters your home

Greetings and Well Met Dungeon Delvers,

The ‘Imagination Edition’ may sound whimsical and amazing, and it is, but man it took a lot of grueling, brain-breaking, curse-inducing late nights to finish. We made Tony stay up way past his bedtime on numerous occasions, leading to past-midnight incoherent writing that made very little sense when revisited the following morning (Tony’s bedtime is 9. He’s like a child but with a larger vocabulary).

Mike was barely holding onto reality as the design for this became his life, while Glen and Harrison found neverending ways to continually tweak and improve game flow and mechanics.

But the aforementioned difficulties are not being presented to you as excuses. Rather, they are an elaborate build-up to this announcement:


Whoooo! Yeah! Applause and handshaking all around, with a spattering of back-slapping and clinking glasses thrown in.

We still have hurdles to… hurdle, before the Adventurer and Dungeoneer editions arrive on your doorsteps (we’re not blaming current international issues but they certainly don’t help). On that day there will be fireworks and roasted pigs with apples in their mouths. To address that, Mike has created a very beautiful timeline graphic for your informative enjoyment. 

Keep in mind that the game plan below is based on the current information we have at our disposal.

But today is about imagination becoming reality as we put a complete, fully functional edition of the game in your hands, and we are just absolutely thrilled about it. As we mentioned in Update #4, those of you who purchased either the Print & Play tier or higher will receive the Imagination Edition (aka Print & Play) of the game. You will be receiving a code and link to your email, allowing you to download your copy of the Imagination Edition from our website.

PLEASE NOTE: We will send your code to the email tied to your Kickstarter account. If you don’t see it, check your spam. If it’s not there, try your neighbor. Still can’t find it? Contact us at support@dynamicgorilla.com or on our Discord channel.

For anyone that would like to purchase the Imagination Edition that did not get a chance to back us during the Kickstarter, head to dynamicgorilla.com/shop.

When you go to download your copy, you will have the option of a full-color version or black and white. Printing the full-color edition in grayscale can lead to less favorable results. If you do want to print grayscale, then we have the black and white edition you can use.

WHAT ABOUT DICE YOU SAY!? Well, head to dungeonsheet.com and you can use that as your digital scratch paper and dice roller! Specifically made for Dungeon Doors, at no additional cost to you. Just Harrison’s sanity.

So choose a sturdy cardstock, break out the scissors, buy some card sleeves, head to a game store for some dice or open up dungeonsheet.com where you can roll our fancy digital dice, and have yourselves an actual Dungeon Doors adventure!


The Dynamic Gorilla Team

Print & Play This Month!

Greetings and Well Met Dungeon Delvers!

It’s been a bit of a wait for this update, and we apologize for that, but we come with good news: the Print & Play edition of the game will be out this month! To explain the intricacies of the Print & Play Edition of the game and why it has taken this long, I’m turning the keyboard over to Mike. This edition is his baby.

Cool! Thx Toniey. Teh prinnt n play edtion of the game was sumthing I toyy’d around w/ 4 awhile.. When I started begingin makeing them, I just had the in-

Never mind. I forgot that they brought in this writer for reason. I’ll just type what Mike wants to say in a somewhat more grammatically correct, comprehensible way.

Here’s Mike:

The Print & Play edition of the game had been a project in the back of my mind for a while. When we started the Kickstarter we didn’t really have plans to release a Print & Play at all. After the overwhelming response we got from backers, and the good amount of people that were interested solely in the Print & Play version we decided to go ahead and make that edition of the game available, and also available to every other tier that backed us.

New Imagination Edition
Old/Beta Design

My initial thoughts for the Print & Play, that I have now come to call the Imagination Edition, was to simply release the cards that I had designed as our beta deck.

As you can see in the samples here in the post, these cards were meant to hold artwork later in the final product, so the text was on a large black box as a placeholder. The cards also had repetitive info on them, and did not utilize the space very well. These cards worked for testing the game, and giving me a general idea of where I wanted to take these designs, but after our testing and demo’s, and the community’s feedback and suggestions, I knew they needed to be more. They needed more info, yet I needed to to design the cards so they wouldn’t overwhelm you with information (though this is an RPG, so ya’ gotta read anyways!).

So when it came time to get the Imagination Editon out to everyone I took a long look at the current state of the cards, and knew I could do better, and the community deserved better. Instead of releasing a quick, dirty version of the game, I tore it all down and rebuilt all the cards from scratch. That decision cost a lot of time, and my timing on that could have been better, since the holidays were upon us all. That made it hard to get time away to work on these lil’ guys and give them the attention they deserved. Just because they are for home printing doesn’t mean they need to lack in quality!

So as I type this the PDF with all these little suckers is going through the Dynamic Gorilla team to be reviewed, and getting some final tweaks done. Soon after it makes it through our little QA department that consists of our wives, girlfriends, secret boyfriends, lambs and sloths, the occasional carp and small groups of anchovies, there will finally be a product the meets our standards and gives you the full game-play experience.

In short, the Imagination Edition is coming to you all! You’re on the cusp of starting your Dungeon Doors adventures with your friends and/or enemies! Stay tuned for another update when we launch the Imagination Edition. Harrison is hard at work making sure our codes for downloads work, and everything goes as smoothly as possible for everyone to download these beauties from DynamicGorilla.com!

Love Always,

The Dynamic Gorilla Team

Kickstarter Update #7 | When Good Isn’t Good Enough

Hello patient Dungeon Delvers, waiting in calm anticipation for the next update from your Dungeon Doors friends.

It’s here.

The Print & Play Edition: Completion has been slightly delayed, but it’s not our fault … It’s Mike’s. While working on the cards something just didn’t feel right. He kept saying the design was too basic (in his defense, they hadn’t been changed since the beta testing days). So Mike, in true fashion, overhauled the cards to a much more fun design that creates a much better feel than just a plain generic card.

All The Words: While finalizing some art and even while going through the Print & Play edition, our resident Word Wizard Tony had a Mike moment with the descriptive text on the cards. The card text, like the Print & Play cards, hadn’t changed significantly since the beta days, and didn’t match up perfectly with the completed art. And Tony’s soul died a little. So, he has been going through each card, looking at the art, and looking in his heart, to find better flavor text to bring these little cards to a new level.

The Art: And of course we have some great new pieces of art for you from our artist Kyle (@kyledubb on Instagram). Seeing the art come alive more and more each time is like a baby being born (without all the gross stuff); like a phoenix from already really awesome ashes; like getting a delicious beverage to wash down a tasty burger, like … other cool figures of speech meant to describe the joy we feel at seeing Dungeon Doors take on its true form!

The “Bad” News: With a lot of our updates, changes, the holidays, and not wanting to rush our artist to the point of his fingers bleeding (we have over 100 pieces of art for this game, all done by one guy deep in the heatsink of Phoenix that has to put up with Mike’s picky nature). We may be pushing our release date out a little bit, but we want to give you guys a fantastic finished product, something that represents the type of quality that you deserve from us.

We will post an update here soon with the updated release date, stay tuned to Kickstarter, DynamicGorilla.com, Instagram.com/DynamicGorilla, or Facebook.com/TheDynamicGorilla

The Dynamic Gorilla Team

Kickstarter Update #6 | New Art, Print & Play, and More!

Greetings and Well Met, Dungeon Delvers!

It has been a bit over a month since our Kickstarter wrapped up successfully, and we are very excited with our progress towards finishing the game and shipping it out to you. We’d like to touch on a few key things to keep you Adventurers in the know (and also show you some cool new art for Dungeon Doors!).

The Art: One of the most exciting parts of our game’s development is seeing the new art Kyle (@kyledubb on Instagram) sends. Dungeon Doors comes alive more and more with each newly finished piece of art. Here are just a few of our favorites so far.

Update 6 image

The Print & Play Edition: We are working diligently to finish the Print & Play edition, but don’t know which task is harder: getting Mike to stop playing World of Warcraft: Classic for 5 minutes to work on the cards, or getting everything to print nicely on single sheets of paper. Both have proved to be quite the feats! We will keep you updated if anything changes, as of right now it looks like we will have to push this release back just a little bit. We want to make sure these print well for you all and also look good! This edition of the game will be made available for people that purchased just the Print & Play Edition of the game (of course), and all higher tiers of our campaign.

The Survey: We are not yet ready to send out the Kickstarter survey, but rest assured it is coming. We can’t wait to send them out, though, and gather the information needed to get your game to you.

Thank you all again for your support, and we will strive to get these updates out to you all on a more frequent basis.


~ The Dynamic Gorilla Team