Update #16 | On an Boat!

Avast ye land lovers and Dungeon Delvers, This update is short and sweet, yet carries one giant piece of news: Dungeon Doors is on a boat!! Yes, the game is out of the printing dungeon, and breathing the fresh, salty air of the sea (sounds like a great Dungeon Doors sequel … The Ocean Edition)!! […]

Update #15 | Printing Status & App Launch

Greetings and Well Met Dungeon Delvers, Well, the printer has had our game for a while now, and we got word last week that our shipping date got pushed back. So we are patiently waiting for … actually, no. We aren’t patient. That’s a lie. There is no patience involved in this process. Knowing the complete product is being assembled […]

Update “#14” | The Game is Real!

Greetings and Well Met Dungeon Delvers: We got our game proofs!! Just had to blurt that right out. It’s too exciting to bury under a flowery introduction. In fact, I feel like shouting it again: WE GOT OUR GAME PROOFS! (Cheers, clapping, applause, Mike sobbing silently in the corner from relief and visions of regular life returning … at least […]

Kickstarter Update #12 : Printing Progress and D&D is back on the menu

Greetings and Well Met Dungeon Delvers: Dungeon Doors is getting the printer treatment, and the process is immensely satisfying and exciting, seeing our beautiful dungeon dream come to life like this. We had a lot of excellent back and forth with the printer since our last update, making sure we get the best product we […]

Kickstarter Update #11 | Off to the printer!

Greetings Dungeon Delvers, After trials and tribulations, we are back on track. The game is going to the printers! (Cheers, clapping, more applause, Mike sobbing silently in the corner from relief and visions of regular life returning … at least until we start expansion pack discussions). We can’t yet say exactly how long it will […]

‘Imagination Edition’ leaves imaginative realm and enters your home

Greetings and Well Met Dungeon Delvers, The ‘Imagination Edition’ may sound whimsical and amazing, and it is, but man it took a lot of grueling, brain-breaking, curse-inducing late nights to finish. We made Tony stay up way past his bedtime on numerous occasions, leading to past-midnight incoherent writing that made very little sense when revisited […]

Print & Play This Month!

Greetings and Well Met Dungeon Delvers! It’s been a bit of a wait for this update, and we apologize for that, but we come with good news: the Print & Play edition of the game will be out this month! To explain the intricacies of the Print & Play Edition of the game and why it has taken this long, […]

Kickstarter Update #7 | When Good Isn’t Good Enough

Hello patient Dungeon Delvers, waiting in calm anticipation for the next update from your Dungeon Doors friends. It’s here. The Print & Play Edition: Completion has been slightly delayed, but it’s not our fault … It’s Mike’s. While working on the cards something just didn’t feel right. He kept saying the design was too basic […]

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