The Dynamic Gorilla Crew

Mike Bee

Co-Owner, Designer, Graphic Artist, and Hammond Main

Mike likes to call making Dungeon Doors his real job, but he also has a day job creating custom car wraps. He is from California but moved to Phoenix for college and stuck around. Mike got married in 2016, has 2 dogs, is ‘mother-bear’ protective of his tight circle of friends, and is a sucker for a tasty plate of nachos.

Harrison Barlow

Co-Owner, Designer, Web Developer

Harrison is born and raised in Phoenix, would much rather be home playing with his dogs than anywhere else. When not conceptualizing and creating hit card games, Harrison works in software development. He likes more food than he can eat, games that require strategy and improvement, and is known for his big sexy brain.

Tony Potter

Writer, Youth Outreach, Dungeon Master, and Whovian

When he’s not writing Dungeon Doors content, Tony is a high school English teacher, collector of sonic screwdrivers and Harry Potter wands, and a father of 5. Tony is from Portland, Oregon, and now lives in Casa Grande, Arizona. He has been married for 16 years and hopes to someday be abducted by aliens.

Glen Smith

Community Outreach, Social Media Dude, and Min-Maxer

Glen is a farm boy from Missouri who now resides in Arizona. Nothing is more important to Glen than his family and his faith. He’s not pushy, but if you’re looking for a healthy religious discussion, Glen’s your man. Glen is married with 3 boys, and a night in playing video games with 80’s tunes and root beer floats is about as perfect as life gets.