The Dynamic Gorilla Crew

Tony Pea

In the verdant lands of Portland, Oregon, Tony began his tale. When not weaving the intricate tales of Dungeon Doors, he imparts the ancient art of the English tongue to young minds, guiding them through the labyrinth of language in the hallowed halls of high school. A collector of mystical artifacts, he is guardian to an impressive trove of sonic screwdrivers and wands imbued with the magic inherent to any blessed with the name of Potter.

Now residing in the sun-drenched expanse of Casa Grande, AZ, Tony stands as the proud patriarch of five young heroes-in-training, shepherding them on the path of life’s grand adventure. United in matrimony for twenty winters, he shares his journey with a partner as steadfast as any companion of legend. And in the quiet of the night, he gazes skyward, yearning for the day when celestial beings might whisk him away to realms unknown, adding yet another chapter to his already storied existence.

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Glen Ess

In the rustic heartlands of Missouri, Glen began his tale as a stalwart farm boy amidst an expanse of fields and forests. His journey led him to the baking desert of Arizona. In this new chapter, Glen holds two treasures above all else: the close-knit fellowship of his family and the unwavering compass of his faith.

A humble sage in matters of spirituality, Glen is ever ready to engage in earnest dialogue on the profound mysteries of faith and belief.

Glen’s stronghold is a sanctuary of love and laughter, shared with his life’s companion and their three young squires. In their abode, an evening’s greatest joy is found in the fusion of digital quests and battles, the nostalgic melodies of the ’80s, and the sweet elixir of root beer floats. For Glen, such moments are the essence of a life well-lived, a testament to the simple yet profound joys that make a life truly rich and fulfilling.

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Harrison Bea

Forged in the fiery heart of Phoenix, Harrison, a native to this desert land, finds solace in his fortress of solitude, often in the company of his faithful canine companions. He is a master of the arcane arts of software development by day. When the moon rises, however, his focus shifts to the alchemy of game design, blending strategy and imagination to create card games that enchant and challenge the mind.

Renowned across distant lands for his prodigious intellect, akin to that of a grand sorcerer, Harrison possesses an insatiable appetite for the banquet of life, often partaking in culinary quests that would daunt lesser mortals. His prowess in both the cerebral and culinary arts is legend, his mind a treasure trove of wisdom, hailed far and wide as the beholder of the ‘big, sexy brain.

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Mike Bee

Originally from the golden realms of California, Mike set forth on a quest to the scorching deserts of Arizona, drawn by the dark arts of game design. In the year of our lord 2016, Mike forged a lifelong alliance in matrimony, uniting with a kindred spirit who shares his passion for the mind’s battlefield – the world of trivia-laden game shows. Together, they rule their homestead alongside two loyal canine companions, guardians of hearth and home.

Fate’s winds recently whisked Mike and his family away to the distant land of Indiana. Amidst this new realm, he finds himself longing for the sunny climes and the radiant sun of the West Coast. His soul reminisces about the legendary Filiberto’s burrito, a culinary delight whose memory lingers like a long-lost treasure, evoking a yearning for the flavors of a land left behind.

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