Update #4 | Now Shipping to the EU, Print & Play, and being Immortalized on a Card!

With 9 days to go we want to shout THANK YOU to all of our backers for taking us past $13K, which is over 500% funded. Our excitement grows with each pledge as it increases our ability to bring you more features and extras.

At this point in the Kickstarter, we’ve decided to bring some extra tiers to allow more people the chance to play.

First, shipping to the EU! When we first started this campaign we didn’t know the best way to handle shipping to the EU with the VAT and duty taxes in place. We did not want our supporters to have to pay extra for their copies of Dungeon Doors. We also were not sure of our games reception in Europe, and so ultimately we decided not to send our first version of Dungeon Doors there. Since the beginning of our campaign, we have had many requests from those in the EU to offer Dungeon Doors to them as well. We have now decided that we will provide basic shipping to the EU, however we do not know if backers will have to pay a duty or VAT once the product arrives. We have learned a lot from this Kickstarter, and all of our wonderful backers, next time we will be more prepared to support our fans in the EU.

Second, for a more “economical” option (and WAY LESS shipping costs) we are offering up the Print & Play version of the game. This edition has no artwork, and will be only text and icons on the card. When this version is complete you will be able to print these at home and spend some family time meticulously cutting out over 100 individual cards! How Fun!

For a quick look at these cards check our campaign page. The Print & Play version of the game will also become available to all backers of the Adventurers, Dungeoneer, and Brick & Mortar Editions of the game.

Finally, the BIG tier. Dungeon Doors comes with a few special cards we call Dungeon Doors 101 cards. They are tutorial cards to help you learn the game. Among those cards are 5 basic, townsfolk hero cards: The Peasant, The Blacksmith, The Farmer, The Village Idiot, and The Town Drunk. Many of you have experienced these while demoing our game.

We decided that we didn’t want these to be generic caricatures. We want to allow a select few of you to be a forever part of the game, with your name and likeness an indelible part of the Dungeon Doors tutorial process. Purchase this tier and you can submit a photo of yourself, our artist will draw your likeness onto one of these five hero cards, and we will name that hero after you. This is not just on Kickstarter editions, either. This is a permanent part of the game, and includes the Dungeoneer Edition of the game.


The Dynamic Gorilla Team